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Christmas Online Marketing - Drive buyers into your store!

December 23rd, 2006

We tell our clients over and over again about the importance of having an optimised online presence regardless of their business. We all need a shop window!

Christmas statistics show how increasingly important it is to be found on the internet. For our clients we make sure that their sites are optimised to the full potential to enable this to happen.

The majority of shoppers who visit retail websites first are more likely to spend more and shop more in local stores, a new study reveals.

A poll of 37,500 (US) people by multi-channel shopping services website ShopLocal claims that frequent internet usage by consumers also drives traffic into stores, with 95 per cent of those checking deals online each week visiting a retailer’s store at least once a month.

More than two thirds (69 per cent) of respondents claimed to have gathered information on products via online advertising circulars before buying products in stores and a quarter (27 per cent) of those quizzed had purchased items on the internet after viewing online marketing and advertising material.

Chicago-based ShopLocal claims that internet marketing is becoming increasingly popular with both companies and consumers and shoppers are visiting a wide range of online advertising circulars, from beauty products and groceries to consumer electronics.

Critics in the UK comment that although the UK market is behind the US as far as internet useage is concerned, we are fast catching up and therefore, this study mirrors our own growing and changing trends.

“The power of the internet has improved the quality and quantity of today’s shopping experience, both for online purchasing and local in-store shopping,” Bob Armour, chief marketing officer for ShopLocal, said.

In the UK, the internet is taking a larger slice of Christmas spending, with high street store traffic down on the same period of last year, retail analysis firm Footfall reveals.

However, retail activity appears to be picking up as Christmas approaches and online postal deadlines pass, with more shoppers researching online and then heading to the shops.

We should be thinking about our 2007/8 Christmas online sales strategy now, and learn from your what your competitors are doing and implement a strategy by the end of January!

Follow the Objective Marketing motto and you won’t go wrong:
Be Seen, Be Found, Be Accessible, Be Successful

News Source - Directtraffic.org

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