We deliver marketing driven results!

Objective Marketing is a small but highly skilled, full service marketing agency and business development consultancy in East and North London, delivering both traditional and internet marketing expertise including affiliate marketing.

We are dynamic, creative and intuitive - and that’s what sets us apart from other companies. One conversation with any of our consultants will confirm that you are in good company are far as marketing expertise is concerned.

You may be a new company wanting to perfect and instigate your marketing and sales strategies and move forward, or you could be an established business wanting to step up to the next level of your development. Regardless of your current position, we have a profitable marketing solution for you.

Marketing Services for London & Home Counties
Do you want to sell more products or services, win more lucrative contracts, get onto tender lists, and increase the number of people visiting your website or event, start serious B2B and B2C networking, take your sales online, or be seen as the leading player in your field? Maybe you have a product, service or initiative you want to publicise, or are looking to build a brand and raise corporate profile?

Be Unique, Dynamic and Successful!
We ascertain your target market; the audience you wish to serve. Then combined with your objectives, company ethos and our expert input, we create successful campaigns not only to drive new sales and lift your awareness in the marketplace, but to create further opportunities. Often, businesses are more concerned about their competitors and focus too much attention on chasing them, this is wrong! We help you set your goals, be unique, dynamic and successful!

Expertise in Traditional and Online Marketing
Marketing is a broad term for all the elements that require you to trade in your particular market. The elements of Marketing include Sales, Public Relations and Advertising as their main limbs - but there are so many aspects of each of these sectors, including on-line marketing and best use of the internet.

We at Objective Marketing have detailed many of these elements within these pages. This information is a useful resource to see what facilities are available to you. Using our expertise, we carefully select the required elements to consolidate a productive plan to develop your business.

Contagious Enthusiasm
Our enthusiasm will be contagious, our knowledge invaluable, and we will show you a new way to do business; a way to strengthen your bottom line, and create a more solid foundation on which you can further expand and grow.

ROI - Return on Investment
Ideally, we would all want to have our own marketing manager; someone totally dedicated to this role. However, the cost of this is far beyond the reach of many companies, well, until now! Using a professional marketing and business development company is a very cost effective way of having an expert marketeer with the best advice at minimal cost. It’s an investment you shouldn’t do without!

Objective Marketing’s continual aim is to increase your business so our costs become minimal in the overall equation. Yes, it will cost you to put a marketing plan into operation, but we prefer you to see this in the light of an investment on which you will obtain a good return.

There is much information on this site about developing your business, with offline and internet marketing. Please make best use of it and know that we are there to guide your development. Our motto is:
Objective Marketing LogoBe Seen, Be Found, Be Accessible, Be Successful!